Not Every Story's a Lie

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WELLS ROAD has been playing their brand of Southern Rock/ Americana in and around Hessen Germany for almost three years now. Founded in Frankfurt in 2012 the trio have used their diverse backgrounds (Californian, Ohioan, Swedish) and their outsider status to create a hybrid sound all their own. Songs about home, loss, sinners, and redemption, combined with melodies - sometimes delicate, sometimes hard and heavy - create moods and memories to which anyone can relate. With a focus on musicianship and song-craft WELLS ROAD’s live shows are known for their electric solos, their rocking riffs, soaring melodies, and their energetic performances. Their latest CD "Not Every Story's a Lie" captures these moods and styles transporting the listener back to the days they remember fondly. Take a listen below - we think you'll like it. 

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Not Every Story's a Lie CD + Downloads €14.99

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Not Every Story's a Lie (All Tracks) €9.99
01. Yukon Gold 3:28 (4.76 MB) €1.99
02. The Days 6:34 (9.02 MB) €1.99
03. I Like You Best 4:15 (5.85 MB) €1.99
04. Sunday Morning 3:40 (5.04 MB) €1.99
05. Grand Design 3:09 (4.33 MB) €1.99
06: Majestic 4:49 (6.63 MB) €1.99
07. Ohio 4:26 (6.09 MB) €1.99
08. Crown of Thorns 4:43 (6.50 MB) €1.99
09. The Days: Reprise 2:19 (3.19 MB) €1.99
10. Shateyahronya's Curse 3:28 (4.78 MB) €1.99
11. Rust and Graffiti 6:30 (8.94 MB) €1.99
Album Artwork I (6.82 MB) 0.00
Album Artwork II (5.65 MB) 0.00