New Album Available Now!

Wells Road (L-R)
Mike Nordmark: Bass (Stockholm, Sweden)
Stu Taines: Guitar/Vocals (San Francisco, California)
Dan Gossard: Drums (Columbus, Ohio)

Wells Road is pleased to announce the release of their new album, Not Every Story’s a Lie. Produced and engineered by Matthias Raue and released on Tanit Records, this collection of 11 tracks was recorded at Gutleut Studio in Frankfurt , Germany. You can purchase the new album by clicking here. 

"For a couple years, we were playing gigs around Frankfurt and getting some decent positive feedback for our efforts. We knew we wanted to record at some point. It wasn’t only just a matter of us getting the resources together and finding the time to spend in the studio; our main focus was that we only wanted to put the music down when we felt it was well crafted, and we could do them the way that we thought they should be done.”(Taines)

Not Every Story’s a Lie is an accurate reflection and message of who Wells Road is as a band. In some moments the music is riff based and rocking while at other times the songs carry a stirring emotional melody.

We recorded and mixed the first 4 tracks over a weekend. “Crown of Thorns,” “Sunday Morning,” I like you Best,” and “The Days” were all recorded within a few hours. After listening to the play-back, Matthias said, ‘hey guys, I think you are on to something fairly expressive and unique here,’ and encouraged us to keep putting down music. Although we anticipated only cutting a few tracks, at some point early on, we all said, let’s keep rolling, cut 10 or 11 and look at this as a full project. In that way, the album originated in an organic way. After we stepped away from it for a couple weeks and listened to the completed package, it seemed to all fit together nicely. I’m proud of this set.” (Nordmark)

The musical elements, textures and style of these songs are varied and independent and yet transition well. In fact, this contrast adds to the overall expression and elevates the experience of listening to the full album. The catchy “I Like You Best” has the feel of ‘early country’ in the verses and solo, but uses an imaginative pre-chorus hook that brings forward playful tension, only to be released by the cascading vocals of the chorus. While “The Days,” introduces violin and piano to the album which, along with the snare drum, serve to express the emotion elicited from the melody of the guitars and the message of the lyrics.

“For me, the mash fermented mid-way through our sessions. Stu came in and played this delicate pattern on his acoustic and it just struck me. I was immediately digging on it, and I just sang out, ‘If I leave now, I could be home tomorrow.’ It just sprang forward, suddenly, without any forethought and it seemed to fit perfectly, I thought, Jiminy T. Cricket, where did that come from? That must have been buried and brewing for a while.” That line would become the opening line for ‘Ohio,’ a song written in the middle of the recording sessions. “Looking back, it was then that I realized what was fairly obvious all along; woven into the different musical landscapes were common lyrical threads. Although we didn’t originally set out to intentionally create this, there are, overall, more than one herd of cattle grazing the same ground. I guess that there was a voice had to get out; these stories had to get out.” (Gossard).

This is the music Wells Road loves to play and has to play, and these are the stories Wells Road has to tell and have to tell. And the most stirring stories might just be the most truthful ones, set to the most authentic and honest music they can lay down.

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